Free Flight Kennels is a complete boarding and training facility open to all breeds, but with specialized training services for the pointing dog.  Free Flight Kennels is located in Jonesboro, TEXAS, owned and operated by Ronnie Sale, with over 15 years experience in training and boarding dogs.  



Ronnie is a professional dog trainer, handler, and certified AKC judge. He also is a member of the Lone Star German Shorthaired Pointer Club. Ronnie has devoted over a decade to training with and competing against some of the most respected names in the business. Through experiences of his own he has perfected a method of training pointing breeds that over the years has had enormous success.

Ronnie's ability to read and understand each individual dog's characteristics enables him to produce a finished dog that exhibits lots of style without effecting the dogs confidence or desire for birds.  The proof is represented in the many Field Champions and Hunt Test titles awarded to dogs that Ronnie Sale has trained.